“Her beautifully crafted book 'My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans' doesn’t easily fit into any ... genre. Its category really is 'Inside the Mind and Heart of the True Believer.
This is not a book about football politics or the game as a business. That said, it doesn't sugarcoat the issues that matter ... One of the most significant issues that Jan concentrates on is in the 14 passionate pages in Chapter 15, basically about how shamefully the great Adam Goodes was treated in 2015 ... compulsory reading ...
This is a book written by a true believer for all the other true believers. It is a singularly welcome addition to the rich trove of Swans’ history and culture.
Jan, you have done the Swans and the millions of true believers proud.
Richard Colless AM
Chairman Sydney Swans 1993 - 2103

“Thank you very much for a copy of your fantastic book. I am about halfway though it and it is a terrific read.”
Andrew Pridham
Chairman Sydney Swans 2013 -

“It’s a truly wonderful book – a great mix of passion and nostalgia and should do well with Swannies fans and anyone who loves AFL, really. It was a delight to read.”
Dr Lynn Buglar
Former medical editor, Australia Doctor magazine.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book Jan, written with such passion, sentiment and eloquence. You brought back so many happy memories, of football life, and indeed , life outside of footy. My friends and family, of whom I gifted your book, have also enjoyed it so much. May the book sales be many, and your generous offer to the Go Foundation benefit many.
Lynn Baker

“Hi Jan, I just loved your book, a gift from a fellow Bloods Supporter ... it brought tears to my eyes. I related to so much of what you did and the emotion that you had. I did exactly some of the same. Thankyou so much for the amazing feelings that your book generated for me. At times I felt I was reading about myself. A brilliant read. One of the best. I treasure it.
Sharryne Daley

“It was an honour to attend your book launch at the Sydney Swans on Wednesday and what a wonderful book! I couldn’t stop reading and finished it around 1.00am last night! ... Your book had me laughing out loud ... the occasional tear and moments of sheer joy ... you have fulfilled the role of a story teller in many ways.”
Nic Fyffe

“I feel honoured and privileged to have received this autographed copy of "My Lifelong Affair with the Sydney Swans" from member, great-niece of 1909 Swans great Jim Caldwell and author Jan Courtin ... looking forward to devouring it tonight. Edit: I cannot put this book down. HIGHLY recommended reading.”
Traci Hodkinson

“Even though I’ve only been a Swannie since they moved to Sydney, I didn’t really know much about the Club’s history. So, thank you for enlightening me. I really enjoyed your book. Your passion for and commitment to the Swans shines throughout the book. I hope many footy lovers get to read it!
Herb Suffolk

“I have loved your book. The stories you tell, your madness for the Swans, the people you have met and writing about Adam Goodes ... perfect. You have done a great job. Well done.
Yvette Wroby

“Well done indeed Jan Courtin! Fantastic book. You tell a riveting story – couldn't put down the book. And so pleased that you donate to Adam Goodes' charity.
Maria Edwin

“In her joyous book, My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans, Jan describes, in part memoir and in part roller coaster ride through nearly seven decades of South Melbourne and Sydney Swans history, how her passion, dedication and perseverance finally paid the ultimate reward. In his Foreword for the book, former Swans Chairman Richard Colless AM comments that Jan is a true believer and that true believers are essentially romantics. This is certainly a book laced with passion and love. I highly recommend it to all Swans supporters, and to anyone who has ever passionately followed their team.” 
Keiran Croker, Footy Almanac.
Keiran’s full review of Jan’s book

“I've had the pleasure of reading (and re-reading) your book – it's a wonderful account, not only of the great Bloods teams, but also as a memory of the times as well. Thank you so much for the effort! Your book currently resides on my son's desk as his read for the holidays.” 
Peter McConaghie

“Congratulations Jan. Loved the book, thank you. Many memories.” 
John Jeffery

“I loved your book, Jan, my mum Monica is getting hers for Christmas.” 
Maureen Jenkin

It was a terrific read for any die-hard supporter. I loved it!” 
Kellie Hamilton

“Thank you, Jan, for your wonderful book. I closely identified with it and I particularly enjoyed the way you described your life's journey as part of your passion for the Swans. I feel that I know you....
I bought the book at the South Melbourne market on Grand Final Eve and have enjoyed reading it while suffering tension before the Grand Final and the acute disappointment for many days afterwards. However, your book reminded me of the many years of joy that I have experienced following the Swans and some wonderful players.” 

Max Cameron

“I really want to say that I loved reading your entertaining book and thank you for signing it.
Debra Calder

“Congratulations Jan. A great story about the most passionate Swans supporter you are ever likely to meet.
Phil Crawford

“I just read your fan memoir and I may not be a Sydney fan but it was an excellent read.
Kasey Symons

Jan, Wow!!! What memories. I'm only half way through your great book but need to say a thankyou ... Your coverage of the disgusting treatment of Adam was so sincere and picked up the hurt. Well done all round. Thanks again for a great read and many memories.”
Bryan Baker

“Just finished the book Jan. A terrific read and l love the way you weave the family and social issues of the day into your passion for the club. I just watched your speech at the book launch on the Swans website. I wish l could have been there; it was obviously a success. Congrats again Jan and cheer, cheer…
Ross Treverton

I have read Jan’s book and loved the personal journey, the passion for all things Swans. As a fellow Swans fan I love her personal interaction with the players. This book is not just all footy stories, there are some great tales of her time in London. I feel as though I know the Courtin family through Jan’s book and I must say they are very interesting, all of them. Well done again Jan.
Dave Parker

“Hey Jan, I finished your book the other night! Absolutely loved it! Very entertaining, didn't want it to end!
Bonnie Lillico

“Jan, loved your book, a true Blood."
Julian Holdsworth

“Jan, l really did enjoy, very much, reading about your "Love Affair" and related to many of your stories. Hope there will be a sequel! Thank you for sharing our Bloods. Onwards to Victory.”
Nellie Cooper

“It's an awesome read.
Lorraine Webb